About Us


Bringing you our full story shortly :)

For now, just know

- The Cabin Boardshop was founded in 2021 by Thomas Correia and Savannah Rose Visser, partners in life and in business! We were both born in different countries, and the honor of growing up in San Diego, CA

- Tommy has been skating, surfing, and snowboarding for his entire life

- Savannah has always had an artistic hand and pushed her learning by receiving her BFA in 2D Animation and MFA in Graphic Design 

- we are in the business of building confidence

- we print and design all of our apparel

- our boards are hand painted by Savannah and locally sourced from the best shapers

- all items ship from our Cabin in California

- Production time of 3-7 days

- Yes! We do ship wholesale and custom orders, contact us and let’s work together! 


Just like a Cabin, we all face our own storms.

Adapt. Overcome. Commit.


Find Comfort in the Moment.


- Sav & Tommy


Are you guys sibling?

Nope! We’ve been in love since middle school hah