Skate Lessons

Text: 1(619)742-9003 to schedule a lesson!

Co-founder, Thomas C. will meet you at your local skate spot for a fun private or semi-private class! Savannah V. is usually there to hang out and take some sweet pics and videos for everyone to share with their friends and families. No photos or videos will be shared without the consent of the participant or legal guardian of the minor in said photo/videos.

Our favorite parks to skate are Ocean Beach, Park De La Cruz, Carmel Valley, and Rancho Penesquitos! If you'd rather stick close to home and you've got a flat driveway (and your neighbors don't mind hah), we can skate the first few lessons right there!

Unsure if you really want to commit to lessons? Drop us a text and ask about our free 30 minute consultation class! 

If you want to make sure we serve your area, drop us an email at

All levels and ages are welcome.

Every student must sign a release of liability waiver at the beginning of their first class. For any student under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to sign for them. 

We require every participant to bring a helmet and recommend wearing knee/elbow pads and wrist guards. If you need help sourcing gear or skateboards, just let us know and we'd be glad to help.

We also offer a 20% military discount on all classes and packages! Just send us a message to get started.